“Some people see things as they are and say ‘Why.’
I dream things that never were and say ‘Why not.’" - George Bernard Shaw

Find out if a Global Mindset is in your DNA

After years of research involving dozens of companies and more than 1,000 executives from around the world, Dr. Mansour Javidan and several other Thunderbird professors have developed and copyrighted the world’s first assessment tool to measure an individual’s, as well as an entire organization’s, global mindset. This ground-breaking project is the biggest global business research ever to come out of Thunderbird and could significantly change the way global businesses compete. Thunderbird alumni have played a key role in creating this instrument.  More than  200 Thunderbird alumni have been interviewed by the Global Mindset research team. 

Later this month, we will be inviting our alumni to take the survey free of charge so that we can share our ongoing global business research with you, our loyal graduates. Over the next few weeks, you will receive an invitation from Javidan to complete the survey. The Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) is an instrument designed to measure a manager’s specific social, psychological and intellectual attributes that enable him or her to influence individuals, groups and organizations from different sociocultural systems. The online survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and would normally cost businesses or individuals $150 per person.
“Global corporations are increasingly using global integration as a new source of competitive advantage. Companies whose managers have a strong profile of global mindset are much better positioned to enjoy such an advantage,” says Javidan. “Now we have the tools to measure it and provide specific feedback to companies and individuals related specifically to their ability to do business on a global scale.”

If you would like to read more about this project and the research behind it, please click here. Be sure to look for the e-mail invitation later this month.


Thunderbird Joins Effort to Educate 10,000 Women

ThunderbirdThunderbird announced March 5 it will be an initial partner with The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) of 10,000 Women, a global initiative that will provide 10,000 underserved women, predominantly in developing and emerging markets, with a business and management education. The initiative will invest in a largely untapped yet significant resource – the exponential power of women as entrepreneurs and managers. 10,000 Women establishes partnerships between universities in the U.S. and Europe and business schools in emerging and developing countries to improve the quality and capacity of business education in developing regions around the world.  Thunderbird is proud to partner with American University of Afghanistan to educate the women of Afghanistan in their homeland by creating an entrepreneurship program to help them develop the skills and networks necessary to start and grow viable businesses, both inside Afghanistan and internationally.

The programs are modeled on Thunderbird’s successful Artemis project and will be delivered in eight-week intervals or over the course of several weekends for a total of 40 hours of classroom instruction per group. Students will number 15-20 women at a time with the ultimate goal of educating at least 60 women the first year. The courses will be taught in Kabul at the American University of Afghanistan campus, and also will be promoted to the provinces in hopes of getting at least one class with women who commute for weekend programs.

“Investing in the education and economic empowerment of women in developing countries not only improves the lives of the women themselves, but enriches the entire community and contributes to the sustainable prosperity of those countries as a whole,” says Dr. Angel Cabrera, president of Thunderbird. “Our goal is to change lives and create lasting benefit.  In Goldman Sachs and the American University of Afghanistan, we have partners who share this goal and are deeply committed to realizing our vision of a better world through education and opportunity.” Click here to read more


Thunderbird in the News

Want to know what others are saying about Thunderbird?  Click here for Thunderbird in the News.

Thunderbird Alumni Honored at Homecoming

Congratulations – and heartfelt gratitude – to the recipients of Thunderbird's 2008 Alumni Awards, presented at a special dinner event during the recent Homecoming festivities. All recipients have shown a dedication to Thunderbird, to their fellow T-birds, and to the advancement of their chosen career fields in keeping with the high standards of Thunderbird. This year's recipients are:

Jonas Mayer Award (Lifetime Achievement): Marshall Parke '77
Service to Thunderbird: Aleana Hiles '78
Outstanding Chapter Leader: Karen Longo '88 (Phoenix, AZ Chapter)
Professional Achievement, Finance: John Andrews '86
Professional Achievement, Business and Industry: Bruce Wilcox '80

We sincerely appreciate the commitment of these individuals to Thunderbird's ideals, and we are honored to present them with this recognition.

Last Chance for your Free Listing in the Alumni B2B Directory

Register by March 31, 2008, to receive your first year of listing free of charge! Using the directory, Thunderbird alumni can locate other T-birds and their businesses by industry, job function, geographic location, product or service, and much more.

The B2B Web site will be available for listing by all 36,000-plus alumni as well as current students; it will also be open to viewing by the non-T-bird world (for those seeking the services of the finest minds in global business).

Click here to register. For more information, contact the Alumni Relations Office at alumni@thunderbird.edu or by telephone at (602) 978-7358 or toll free (800) 457-6957 (U.S. only).

Mock Interview Day a Success

On Feb. 8 the Career Management Center (CMC) and Alumni Relations Office co-hosted another successful Thunderbird “Alumni Mock Interview Day.” Through a combination of phone and in-person interviews, more than 30 Thunderbird alumni from around the globe graciously devoted their time and expertise to conduct over 100 mock interviews for current Thunderbird students! These practice interviews, voted by students last fall as one of the most valuable job search activities all trimester, enable current T-birds to sharpen their functional and behavioral interviewing skills in a “risk free” environment. Both alumni participants and student interviewees have already contacted the CMC to share positive feedback from the Feb. 8 sessions.

The CMC would like to say a special thanks to all of the alumni who were able to participate. Mock Interview Day is made possible because of your continued support. As a result of your time, effort and expertise, T-birds are better prepared to successfully compete for leading positions in the global marketplace. With your help, we hope to continue the Alumni Mock Interview Day tradition in trimesters to come. If you would like to volunteer for the next Alumni Mock Interview Day, please contact Beth Rehman at the CMC at beth.rehman@thunderbird.edu.

Thank you to the following alumni:

Joseph Babcock

Louie Bischoff

Mark Busby

Janae Colburn

Mike D'Onofrio

Jim Dale

Jeff Dicosola

Pierre Edelman

Will Fleming

Neha Goel

Patrick Hoffman

Mauricio Janauskas

Bill Johnson

Paul Johnson

Grace Kim

Dan Kryznowski

Rich Mackney

Gonzalo Marquez

Vivian Pacheco

Lenora Peppers-Greene

Ann Rosen

Vineet Sahai

Josh Sherwood

Jill Stockwell

Mike Tomasello

Daniel Veres

Sally Winter

Zach Wyer



March 2008: Thunderbird Global Super First Tuesday
April 3-4, 2008: Global Private Equity Investing Conference – Glendale Campus
April 7-10, 2008: Finance for Global Managers – Glendale Campus

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