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February 2009

Super First TuesdaySuper First Tuesday – March 2009

Opportunities to socialize, network and recruit new Thunderbird students will be plentiful next month during Super First Tuesday. Alumni provide a valuable perspective on the school, its potential to impact individuals and careers, and the Thunderbird mystique. Through your local Super First Tuesday event, you can help inspire the next generation of T-birds — men and women who will carry the Thunderbird torch as they, too, become “global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide.”

Please click here to see a list of chapters hosting Super First Tuesday events. Don’t see your local chapter listed? Contact your chapter leader and strategize to create a special event. Do you know any prospective students? If so, be sure to invite them to attend. If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact Andy Chen, assistant director of Global Recruitment, at andy.chen@thunderbird.edu or 602-978-7916.

Distinguished alumni to receive awards at Homecoming March 6th

2009 HomecomingHomecoming awards celebrate the achievements of T-birds around the world. The following T-birds will be recognized March 6 at the Homecoming Alumni Awards Dinner for leadership and accomplishment in specific industries, career and community achievements and service to Thunderbird in the following categories:

Jonas Mayer Outstanding Alumnus award goes to a graduate who demonstrates the ultimate in professional achievement, civic service and Thunderbird activity. The winner this year is Harry Cockrell ’73.

Career Achievement award goes to a graduate who excels in his or her chosen career. The winner this year is Robert Dudley ’79.

Alumni Volunteer award goes to a graduate who has given his or her time to support Thunderbird. The winner this year is Rich Mackney ’77.

Global Citizenship award goes to a graduate who is dedicated to the creation of sustainable economic and social value worldwide. The winner this year is Laura Libman ’05.

Alumni Chapter Leader award goes to a graduate who demonstrates outstanding efforts in advancing the Thunderbird Alumni Network. The winner this year is Bernadette Martin ’84.

Rising Star award goes to a graduate of the past 10 years who is making great strides in his or her career. The winner this year is Edgar Sanchez Wilke '03.

For more information or to register, click here.

2009 HomecomingFaculty panel: “Maintaining Your Wits in a World Turned Upside Down”

Three Thunderbird professors from different academic backgrounds sat around a table Feb. 5 and shared ideas about business survival in a world turned upside. Afterward, the professors invited students in the packed auditorium to join the conversation. “It’s not business as usual,” Thunderbird Professor Karen Walch, Ph.D., told the students. “We want to start a dialogue, and we want to invite you to participate with us.”

Walch teaches cross-cultural negotiation at the Garvin Center for Cultures and Languages of International Management. She was joined by Professor Christine Pearson, Ph.D., who studies corporate crisis management and workplace incivility, and Professor Roe Goddard, Ph.D., who studies international political economy and Chinese market trends.

To read more, visit the Thunderbird Knowledge Network. Or watch a 64-minute video here.

Thunderbird in the News

Want to know what others are saying about Thunderbird? Click here for Thunderbird in the News.

Alumni contribute to Global Citizenship blog

Thunderbird Knowledge NetworkGlobal citizenship is a core component of the Thunderbird equation for global leadership. Global managers must act as global citizens because global citizenship means good business. Some of Thunderbird’s most active global citizens now share knowledge and insights on a Thunderbird Knowledge Network blog called Global Citizenship.

Kellie Kreiser ’04, director of Thunderbird for Good, maintains the blog with contributions from alumni such as Laura Clise ’08, Debarshi Das ’08, Peter Eliassen ’06, Joel Montgomery ’08, Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy ’91, and Andrew Wulf ’08. Former Thunderbird President Art Peterson and Project Artemis graduate Rangina Hamidi also contribute. To read the blog, click here.

Alumni chapter news

T-bird weekend in Vegas
Mark your calendars for a spring alumni weekend in Las Vegas! April 9-12, 2009, the Las Vegas alumni chapter is organizing exclusive offers for T-birds such as discounted rooms at Planet Hollywood and an exclusive property tour of Encore Las Vegas. Save the date and look for more information in the March alumni newsletter.

Asia chapters welcome T-bird students
Alumni chapters hosted a group of 50 Thunderbird students during the Asia Winterim in January. Beijing alumni, including Toshiba executive Takaaki Tanaka '80, shared dinner with the students Jan. 13. Shanghai alumni then greeted the students Jan. 16 with a reception and dinner, and Hong Kong alumni shared pizza and beer with the students on Jan. 21.
A panel of six Beijing chapter members also presented a roundtable discussion Jan. 6 with 37 students in Thunderbird's On-Demand V cohort, which is scheduled to graduate in May.

Open enrollment program teaches negotiation with a Global Mindset

An executive’s global business knowledge and openness to diversity and adventure are key indicators of success in today’s global business environment. Business leaders must function and cooperate with people from all parts of the world. With this in mind, Thunderbird Corporate Learning is unveiling a new open enrollment program June 9-11 on the Glendale campus called “Communicating and Negotiating with a Global Mindset.”

Global Mindset is a set of characteristics that can help business leaders enhance their ability to influence people from other cultural backgrounds. In this program, participants will learn their own Global Mindset profile and develop an understanding of negotiating preferences as well as learn common mistakes made by negotiators and how to avoid them. They will also have a chance to practice successful communication and negotiation strategies in the context of specific cultures they interact with in the workplace.

Thunderbird researchers led by Professor Mansour Javidan, Ph.D., developed a psychometric assessment tool that measures the social, psychological and intellectual attributes that allow successful global managers to influence individuals, groups and systems that are different from their own. The research is based on the study of more than 60 societies and cultures and subsequent interviews with thousands of executives throughout the world.

Participants also will take the Cultural Orientations Indicator, which measures an individual’s cultural preferences and compares them with other cultures, noting areas where behavioral changes might be considered.

“Awareness of one’s own cultural preferences through the self-assessment of the Cultural Orientations Indicator can help to satisfy not only the desired strategic needs of a negotiation, but also the emotional needs,” said Thunderbird Professor Karen Walch, Ph.D., who will teach the program with Javidan other Thunderbird thought leaders.

To learn more, click here.

Thunderbird Executive Newsletter Executive Newsletter offers guidance in turbulent times

Forget bailouts and buyouts. The solution to today’s global economic crisis is strong, ethical leadership. Managers consumed with maximizing profits rather than creating real, sustainable value have evaporated billions in shareholder and taxpayer money. Thunderbird President Ángel Cabrera, Ph.D., says corporate leaders who want to survive this crisis will have to take a more responsible and sustainable approach to wealth creation. To read more on this topic and others related to navigating in today’s economic climate, read the Winter 2009 edition of the Thunderbird Executive Newsletter. Please share it with your friends and colleagues.

Scholarship comes with more than money

A group of senior Thunderbird alumni have joined together to create a mentor scholarship program for outstanding students from emerging markets around the globe. The object is to provide a Thunderbird education — and support after graduation — for students who want to return to their home countries and make a difference.

The donors launched the Thunderbird Alumni Scholarship Program in fall 2008 with four initial recipients. The idea for the program was conceived by London businessman Marshall Parke ’77, who serves as a Thunderbird trustee. After he left Thunderbird, Parke spent 25 years living and investing in emerging markets. He is now at an age when his own children, and those of his friends, are entering internships and the job market.

Watching this process reminded Parke of the important role that family and friends can play as mentors when young people start their careers. He knew that many Thunderbird students from emerging markets lack this network of support, and it occurred to him that successful alumni with decades of experience and connections could provide more than financial aid.

They also could act as mentors for students in the early years of their careers.

Parke kicked off the program in spring 2008 with help from Mike Halvorson ’77, Raymundo Yu ’81 and David Young ’91. Together, these four alumni committed a total of $900,000 to the grassroots campaign.

They were quickly joined by other alumni. Overall, more than $1.1 million has been committed — enough for 15 full scholarships over the next several years.

In addition to funding tuition, the alumni are offering their experience. All of the recipients will have access to a pool of mentors while they attend Thunderbird and start their careers.

Over the next five years, Parke says, the objective is to create 75 scholarships by bringing new mentors into the program, as well as seeking outside funding.

Alumni who graduated before 1990 who wish to participate as mentors are asked to commit for five years at $10,000 a year, while more recent graduates are asked to contribute $5,000 a year.

For more information or to contribute, please email mygift@thunderbird.edu.

March 5-8, 2009: Thunderbird Homecoming – Glendale Campus
March 5, 2009: Thunderbird Pub Night – Glendale Campus
March 6, 2009: Alumni Award Reception and Dinner – Glendale Campus
March 7, 2009: Chapter Leader Forum – Glendale Campus
March 7, 2009: Alumni vs. Students Rugby Game – Glendale Campus
March 7, 2009: Margaritas by the Pool and Tower Tours – Glendale Campus
March 7, 2009: Regional Night for Alumni and Students – Glendale Campus
March 8, 2009: Homecoming Farewell Brunch – Glendale Campus
March 9-12, 2009: Global Family Enterprise Program – Glendale Campus
March 26-27, 2009: Thunderbird Private Equity Conference – Glendale Campus
May 11-13, 2009: Leading Global Projects for Strategic Results – Geneva Campus

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