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Global Leadership

Global LeadershipForget bailouts and buyouts – the solution to today’s global economic crisis is strong, ethical leadership. Managers consumed with maximizing profits rather than creating real, sustainable value have evaporated billions in shareholder and taxpayer money. Thunderbird President Ángel Cabrera, Ph.D., says corporate leaders who want to survive this crisis will have to take a more responsible and sustainable approach to wealth creation. Read more

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Global Strategy

Professor Michael MoffettThe recession’s a reality, but don’t hide under a rock and halt investments. Thunderbird Professor Michael Moffett, Ph.D., says cash-strapped organizations can survive by focusing their priorities on customers, employees, cash flow and long-term vision. To win the battles that matter most during this recession, business managers must choose selectively where they want to focus their efforts. Read more

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Tips for Softening the BlowGlobal Talent Management

Downsizing with dignity: Workforce justice can ease the pain. Thunderbird Professor David Bowen, Ph.D., says if done right, managers forced to cut jobs in these trying times can ease workplace tension, reduce the risk of lawsuits and improve job performance among surviving workers. Read more

Global Mindset

Don't leave cross-cultural communications and negotiations to chance. Be prepared. Be aware. And be flexible. Find out what working professionals from around the world tell Thunderbird's Garvin Center for Cultures and Languages of International Management professors are the top five methods for successful cross-cultural negotiations. Read more

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