In this issue: Balancing national identity with global perspective, owning your digital marketing strategy, protecting against status cloning and more.

Thunderbird Executive Newsletter
  January 2011 Issue

An internationalist? And still loyal to one's tribe?
by Robert Moran, Thunderbird Emeritus Professor

Acclaimed physicist Albert Einstein shows a knack for global affairs in a 1919 letter to a friend. "One can be an internationalist without being indifferent to members of one's tribe," he writes. Einstein is right, of course. But balancing national identity with global perspective can be tricky... Read more.

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Pushing digital marketing content without strategy
by John Zerio, Thunderbird Associate Professor of Global Marketing

Social media gurus talk a lot about the how. They teach how to create buzz on Twitter, win friends on Facebook and boost search engine results on Google. These are the technical elements of digital marketing. But in the rush to push content online, many organizations never stop to consider their digital marketing strategy... Read more.

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Beware of strategy cloning
by Nathan Washburn, Thunderbird Assistant Professor of Management

Replica watches, phones and cars aren't the only knockoffs prevalent in China and other emerging markets, where imitation of the master often draws more praise than scorn. The problem comes later, when Western companies turn their attention to international expansion and find look-alike rivals already entrenched in every key market... Read more.

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