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Introducing the Thunderbird Angel Network

Vision 2020 Spotlight

T-bird helps veterans find jobs

Fall's latest ThunderShop finds

One Chapter’s new career nights

Top T-bird a part of Clinton’s event

Project Artemis fellow aims to grow construction business

Nasrin Nuristani is like any hardworking entrepreneur. She wants to market her business, manage her money and succeed long-term.

The only difference is that 24-year-old Nuristani is a woman operating in a male-dominated industry in a war-ravaged country where women have been suppressed for years.

As the owner of a 25-person construction company based in Kabul, Nuristani said that doing business in dangerous areas is the easy part, but getting approval to move forward on those projects can be challenging.


Watch Nuristani talk about her business and life.
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November News Briefs

Introducing the Thunderbird Angel Network
The Thunderbird Angel Network, a separate legal entity from the school, recently launched to introduce qualified investors to early-stage and emerging companies that possess characteristics that suggest the potential for rapid growth. The Network was envisioned to develop through Thunderbird’s robust network of alumni, students and friends. The Thunderbird Angel Network is an organized group of accredited investors who seek opportunities to invest in early-stage or start-up companies. The organization serves as a forum for its members, who choose to invest individually from their personal funds. Information for investor membership or entrepreneurs seeking funds is available here.

A new opportunity to prepare global leaders
Are your children and grandchildren future global leaders? Now they have the opportunity to be a part of global education long before college and graduate school. Verde Valley School, America’s International Baccalaureate Boarding School in Sedona, Arizona, is offering two partial merit scholarships to children and grandchildren of T-bird alumni who are enrolling in fall 2011 for grades 9, 10 or 11. The scholarships are for one boy and one girl. Verde Valley School shares a similar past and mission as Thunderbird and is nestled in picturesque Sedona.

The scholarship will be renewable as long as the recipients maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average and good deportment. It will cover $18,000 per year toward tuition and other expenses. Students interested in applying, go here and check “yes” next to the question, “Thunderbird Scholar?” The deadline for application is Feb. 10, 2011. By Feb. 28, 2011, the finalists will be notified and asked to submit a second essay via e-mail by March 15, 2011. The final awards will be made by March 30, 2011.

Sneak a peek at the latest ThunderShop treasures
There are no tricks, but there are lots of treats at ThunderShop this month! Stop in for high quality shirts, sweatshirts and outerwear or start browsing for gift ideas. Remember Alumni Backpackers, Globetrotters and Jetsetters save 25 percent off one item each year. All of your shopping proceeds go toward Thunderbird for Good.

Austin Chapter launches Career Nights and Job Bank
The Austin Chapter is holding weekly job coaching sessions on topics such as job hunting strategies, changes in career path, networking and unpublished leads. The chapter will also begin implementing a local job bank. For more information, contact Mariano Zemborain at

A message from the Class of ’76
Dear Classmates and Friends:
Can it really be 35 years since we studied around the pool, partied on the Quad, and brought our student days at Thunderbird to a close with a nightcap at the Pub? The years since have been good to many of us, but a few friends have been lost along the way. One of those was that crazy, red-bearded, Chinese-practicing guy, Barba Rosa, Bob Morris. Cancer took him from us in 2005 at the height of his entrepreneurial career. Bob was a source of inspiration and friendship to many of us and we mourn his loss. But he was the kind of guy who found the fun in any situation and wanted his passing remembered with a rollicking party instead of a maudlin funeral.

So could there be a better way to honor his memory than supporting one of his favorite campus places, the Pub, in the newly reconstructed Tower? Please join us as we endeavor to purchase a barstool ($1,500) and a few square feet of space ($500 each) in Bobs name. You can make your contribution online or by calling 1-602-978-7084. Make sure to specify it is for the Bob Morris Memorial. Then stop by the Pub on your next trip through Phoenix to raise a glass to Bob and the class of 1976! Hope to see you there, Linda Russ Perlstein & Tina Wilfer

Looking for a new career opportunity?
If you want to stay current on career opportunities geared toward T-bird alumni, then sign up for Global Connect. After you’re approved, you can access dozens of new job opportunities through our database.

Vision 2020 Spotlight
After a year-long process of energizing, thought-provoking, out-of-the-box dialog with the entire Thunderbird community, the school has formally established Vision 2020, our strategic roadmap for the future. In order to help alumni better understand Vision 2020, Thunder News, beginning with this issue, will highlight the vision, beliefs and priorities that will guide the school’s strategic decisions and action areas going forward.

Vision 2020 Part I: Global Leadership for Global Impact
Under Thunderbird 2020, we commit to not just maintaining our leadership as the world’s first and best school of global management, but rather broadening our impact in order to make a deep and positive difference in the world around us. If there is one unifying theme to Thunderbird 2020, it is most certainly “impact.” Therefore, the Vision 2020 tagline has become “Global Leadership for Global Impact.”

OUR MISSION: We educate global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide

OUR VISION: We will dramatically grow our positive impact in a world economy in dire need of the global leadership talent we were founded to provide. More here.

A correction to the class of ’86 appeal
In a direct mail appeal you received last week, we mistakenly said that the Class of ’86 reunion would be Nov. 17-20. The letter should have said that the event is Nov. 10-13, 2011.

Knowledge Network

Story: T-bird businessman creates Veterans Job Creation Program
Mark Field ‘95
proudly served eight years in the U.S. Navy and believed his service would be recognized as he applied for jobs in the private sector. But that wasn’t the case at all.


Blog: I have dreamed of you so much
It is November 2006. I am so tired just arrived at Phoenix Arizona airport, after two and half days on the way. It is the morning of my first day of Project Artemis.


Video: Time to rethink expatriate assignments in emerging markets
Expatriates need to rethink their roles in emerging markets if their organizations expect to stay relevant in the post-recession economy, said Thunderbird Professor Nathan Washburn, Ph.D.
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Upcoming Chapter Events

November 10:
New York City Chapter is holding 40+ alumni event at the Hudson Square Exchange to foster networking and friendships among T-birds age 40 and up, for more informationclick here.

November 11:
Atlanta Chapter is holding an event featuring Thunderbird President Dr. Cabrera, who is in town to receive an award from the Georgia Tech School of Psychology, for more information click here.

Please note: If you have trouble accessing these events online, please sign up with MTB. If you are having trouble logging on, contact Janet Chicvara at janet.chicvara@ for assistance.



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Kathryn Lindquist ’84 and Terry Newendorp

Thunderbird thanks you for your generous pledge to support Campaign Thunderbird and the Thunderbird SHARE Program! Your contributions will enable deserving students from emerging markets to receive full tuition scholarships to attend Thunderbird.

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October 29:
Project Artemis Commencement, for more information click here.

November 11:
Speaker Mr. Alberto C. Vollmer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rum Santa Teresa, for more information click here.

December 3-4:
Thunderbird will be the Title Sponsor and primary benefactor of the 13th annual Pro Players Classic Golf Tournament (PPC), held at Terravita Golf and Country Club in Scottsdale, for more information click here.


The Management Oath, British Airways Business Life Magazine

Thunderbird school chief joins Clinton’s high-profile event, Phoenix Business Journal

Funds Seek Opportunities in Vietnam, Global Finance

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