Calling all T-birds

Your support is needed
If your phone rings, it just might be a T-bird calling.
Twenty-five Student Campaign Ambassadors from nine countries took to the phones last week to kick off our annual phonathon.

Because you are one of T-bird’s alumni, our student callers look up to you and would love to hear stories of your life and career path since T-bird. Read more...

October News Briefs

T-bird European Reunion draws more than 100 from alumni network
About 130 participants from 22 countries turned out at this year’s European Reunion in Bad Ischl, Austria. The event was held Sept. 16-19 and offered attendees the chance to explore Schafberg, network at a regal reception at the Kaiservilla and learn during a business forum. Watch the video taken from the event or flip through some photos.

T-bird students are showcase of diversity
Thunderbird School of Global Management welcomes 636 new students this fall from 58 countries, including the first students ever to attend Thunderbird from Eritrea, Georgia and Trinidad and Tobago. Read more here.

Project Artemis fellows to arrive in October
The fourth session of Project Artemis will begin Oct. 18 when the newest fellows arrive to campus. Project Artemis is a program that aims to build the entrepreneurial skills of promising Afghan businesswomen. The opportunities that the program offers have garnered worldwide attention, but it relies on your gifts to continue. Watch the touching story of past fellow Zainularab Miri, who has impacted the lives of dozens of women through her successful beekeeping business. Also, please consider making a contribution.

T-bird RSS feed to stay connected
Want to stay informed? Follow all of the news, blogs and videos coming from Thunderbird through one simple RSS feed. Follow faculty blogs, watch videos of speakers and learn about upcoming events by subscribing today.

Advance your career with Thunderbird Executive Education
Thunderbird School of Global Management will now offer a 15 percent discount on all of its Executive Education certificate programs to National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) members. Also, a new training program will be offered Nov. 10-12 in Geneva. For more information, contact Marie-Laure Clisson at

Thunderbird's Executive Education certificate programs are short, nondegree programs for business professionals and include both online and classroom programs. The programs are taught by the same global faculty that design top corporate programs for such clients as LG Electronics, DHL, Intel and Henkel.

Looking for a new career opportunity?
If you want to stay current on career opportunities geared toward T-bird alumni, then sign up for Global Connect. After you’re approved, you can access dozens of new job opportunities through our database.

Connect with your network through social media
Are you networking? Don’t forget to join the Thunderbird Alumni Network on LinkedIn for access to more than 6,700 alumni throughout the world. Join dynamic discussions, check out job postings or simply reconnect. Alumni who need assistance with LinkedIn, please e-mail

Get the daily dish on your T-bird Alumni
Find relevant, important and dynamic Alumni news all in one place – the Alumni Impact blog. This newly revamped page now offers videos, slideshows and fresh content daily, produced solely for alumni. Do you have something to say? Leave your opinion in the comments section of the blog. Have an idea for a posting? Let us know at

Lima Chapter takes new direction
The Lima, Peru Alumni Chapter is under new leadership and plans to organize a First Tuesday event for the month of October. The chapter's new president Elizabeth Feary, '05, has goals to revitalize the chapter and attract new members. Please reach out to Feary if you're interested in joining in the upcoming events She is looking forward to hearing from you.

Knowledge Network

Story: Clinton Global Initiative: Harnessing Human Potential
Some nations have oil, some have ore, and others have rich biodiversity and farmland. But the most valuable resource at the disposal of any nation is its human talent.


Blog: From Garbage to Garden
Miguel Jardine,
’09, is taking garbage from the T-bird Commons and turning it into fresh and tasty produce.


Video: Newest T-bird alumni recite Oath of Honor
Meet a few of the newest additions to your alumni network from the class of May 2010. Watch as graduates from 23 different countries recite the Thunderbird Oath of Honor.
Click to view...

Visit the Thunderbird Knowledge Network

Thunderbird Making Headlines

Advice Abroad, From Home, New York Times

Which MBA, Full- time MBA ranking, The Economist

Spain’s economy still under pressure, but signs of renewed confidence are slowly emerging, Global Finance

More Thunderbird in the News

Calling all T-birds (cont.)

Your support is needed
If your phone rings, it just might be a T-bird calling.

Twenty-five Student Campaign Ambassadors from nine countries took to the phones last week to kick off our annual phonathon.

Because you are one of T-bird’s alumni, our student callers look up to you and would love to hear stories of your life and career path since T-bird. During the call, the students will make sure that your contact information is up-to-date so that you can receive Thunderbird Magazine and Thunder News. Also, please feel free to ask questions about anything from campus to curriculum!

Since this year is the final stretch of Campaign Thunderbird, we ask that you also consider making a gift. This year’s goal is 17 percent alumni giving participation, or 5,008 alumni donors. That’s 509 more than last year. It will be a challenge but with your support, we believe we can get there.

But why is 17 percent so important?

For starters, broad alumni support helps establish a culture of philanthropy that is vital to the success and sustainability of our school. Also, our community is only as strong as the people who support it. Alumni participation is often viewed as a barometer of alumni satisfaction. Corporations and foundations consider alumni participation when making funding decisions. And lastly, this year is the final stretch of Campaign Thunderbird, so the gifts you give now will set us on a path to success for years to come.

So what inspires T-birds give? The reasons are as diverse as our alumni themselves.

Here are some reasons provided by our Student Campaign Ambassadors:
• “To have a hand in the creation of global leaders” – Amy Boyer
“It builds our brand and increases recognition” – Gonzalo Ariceta
“T-bird is committed to its alumni and many want to give back” – Ekaterine Danelia
“To continue offering pioneering programs from top-notch professors” – Nithin Vinyak
“To provide students with quality resources on campus” — Karan Gupta

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to connecting with you and all of our T-bird community over the phone!

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Thunderbird Moment at the Pub
Professor John Zerio, Ph.D. says an experience at the campus Pub showcases the international flavor of the MBA school. (2:25)

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October 19:
Project Artemis Welcome Reception, for more information click here.

October 29:
Project Artemis Commencement, for more information click here.

November 11:
Speaker Mr. Alberto C. Vollmer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rum Santa Teresa, for more information click here.

Upcoming Chapter Events

September 29:
Denver Chapter is attending a Business Series Event on Social media, for more information click here.

September 30:
Barcelona Chapter is holding its Admirals Business Club Meeting, for more information click here.

Please note: If you have trouble accessing these events online, please sign up with MTB. If you are having trouble logging on, contact Janet Chicvara at janet.chicvara@ for assistance.



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