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Teagarden to lead undergraduate program

Longtime Thunderbird Professor Mary Teagarden, Ph.D., will lead the design, development and evaluation of a planned undergraduate program that Thunderbird will launch as part of its global expansion strategy. "We think we can deliver a fantastic global experience to undergraduate students," says Teagarden, a global strategy professor who arrived at Thunderbird in 1993. Under the current vision, undergraduate students will start their programs at Thunderbird outposts and come to the main campus in Arizona for their senior year. Read more...


Alert: Unsolicited Blast Email

Many alumni have reached out to Thunderbird about the numerous emails they have received from an organization calling itself the Thunderbird Independent Alumni Association (TIAA). We want to be clear; TIAA is not affiliated with the school in any way, and we regret any inconvenience this may have caused to Thunderbird alumni.

Thunderbird has a strong alumni network that continues to be supported through the school's Alumni Relations office and by the many alumni volunteers who contribute their time, talent and resources in support of the school's mission.

We requested TIAA to confirm that it did not improperly (and without permission) take all or a portion of Thunderbird's alumni email information from MTB. We are working through our legal counsel to determine whether TIAA, or others acting on TIAA's behalf, used the My Thunderbird (MTB) platform to obtain and use our email list. To date, TIAA has not answered the questions we raised about TIAA's possible use of MTB.

For Thunderbird's part, we will continue to promote open discussion and discourse regarding the Laureate alliance. Please visit the alliance website for detailed information and updates.


Thunderbird for Good seeks mentors
Thunderbird for Good, through its ongoing relationship with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program, has received two special requests for assistance from program graduates. Read more...
  T-birds shine at Aspen Institute event
T-birds representing multiple organizations shared the spotlight Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, 2013, at the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs annual conference in New York. Read more...

Sights and Sounds

Thunderbird student experience
Students from Algeria, China, Ghana, Netherlands and the United States talk about their campus experience. Can you guess which one speaks Spanish? Which one started a company in India? Or which one speaks seven dialects and languages? Video (3:16)
Alumni boost T-bird career fair
Alumni from 21 companies, including seven from ExxonMobil and four from Delphi, returned to campus to recruit Thunderbird talent during Thunderbird's annual Career Fair on Oct. 24, 2013. Overall, 42 of 105 recruiters were alumni.
Video (1:41) |

Tips and Trends
Why your project needs a why
Thunderbird Professors Karen Brown, Ph.D., and Richard Ettenson, Ph.D., and a third author explain the risks of diving into a project without answer the most basic question. Read more...
  Selling yourself in the interview
John Brambert, an executive coach with Trinity Performance Group, shared a three-pronged approach for job candidates on the eve of the 2013 Thunderbird Career Fair. Read more...


Can you beat this Thunderbird passport?

A standard U.S. passport comes with 48 pages, which proved too thin for Thunderbird expatriate Larry Lipsher '65. His recently expired passport swelled to 288 pages -- with 10 supplemental sections glued inside to contain all of the entrance visas. His expired passport, which is more than one-inch thick, is now on display in Thunderbird's alumni lounge on campus in Arizona. If other alumni have stories to tell about their passports, Thunderbird Magazine would love to hear them. Read more...


Class Notes

T-bird steers winning Formula 1 partnership
Automotive marketing guru Andreas Sigl '95 celebrated in the winner's circle on Oct. 27, 2013, when Infiniti Red Bull Racing secured its fourth consecutive driver's championship at the Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix in New Delhi. Read more...
Daughter inspires T-bird real estate venture
Jim Small '04
launched his real estate investment firm with his daughter in mind after doctors diagnosed her with Rett syndrome at age 2. "Motivation this strong ensures successful deals that will help fund therapies," Small says. Read more...

Chapter Connections

Barcelona, Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee

T-birds gathered all over the world for First Tuesday on Oct. 1, 2013. Alumni at Hotel W in Barcelona, Spain, included, from left, Jade Sims '03, Beth de Avila '99, José Alarcon '96 and René van Baardewijk '96. See photos and summaries of other chapter events in Chicago, Illinois; Miami, Florida; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read more...


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