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New Alumni Council of Thunderbird takes shape

December 18, 2013 -- Yesterday, the Thunderbird Board of Trustees approved and ratified the formation and initial membership of the new Alumni Council of Thunderbird (ACT). The ACT will represent the voice of the global alumni community and -- in cooperation with the Board of Trustees and the Thunderbird administration -- set goals and establish strategies to produce a meaningful and valuable alumni experience. In addition, the objective is to foster a tighter relationship and collaboration between the school and its alumni, and to encourage graduates to help the school achieve its goals. This will help to preserve the value of the Thunderbird brand and ensure Thunderbird's long-term sustainability and success -- to the benefit of all stakeholders. The initial eight members of ACT, who were proposed and reviewed by an all-alumni ad hoc committee, will develop priorities and lead the organization's development. One near-term priority will be the expansion of ACT membership through an inclusive and transparent process. Here is an open letter from the ACT to alumni around the world.

Dear Fellow T-Birds,

We invite you to join us as we regroup, reimagine and reengage with the business of helping our beloved Thunderbird move forward into the next chapter of its rich history. We have volunteered to help make that happen. We are excited about the possibilities and hope you will join us. Our community can have an enormous, positive impact on Thunderbird's future, and on our own.

We start with a clean slate and a new agenda that is ours to develop and deliver. We will have the full support of the school and additional resources with which to operate.

While we come from a multitude of backgrounds, countries and experiences, we all firmly believe in the power of One Thunderbird -- that we are far stronger together than apart in building our global community and reputation. This is the core guiding principle we will pursue in everything we do.

We pledge to listen and act on behalf of the entire Thunderbird alumni community. We will work hard to provide many ways to engage, benefit and serve alumni. We will be open and candid as the representative alumni voice, all in the shared interest of moving forward together. And as the school adapts to the dramatically changing future of global business education, we will be careful to preserve the "Thunderbird Mystique" that makes the school so unique.

Our Goals:
  • Serve alumni across time zones, industries and backgrounds
  • Engage alumni through open communication, active listening and honest feedback
  • Create community and enhanced connections in person and online
  • Represent the voice and guidance of the alumni community
  • Develop new alumni programs, new services, new opportunities
  • Enhance Thunderbird's reputation through relationships and partnerships
  • Support the school and each other
Our alumni community is a valuable, powerful asset, and as one community working together, we can promote Thunderbird's influence throughout the world and positively impact future generations of business leaders. We are One Thunderbird.

Please view additional information, FAQ, and ACT founding member bios at

Signed, your ACT founding members,

Baron Bruno '08
(Los Angeles, California)
Yohei Matsumura '13
(Tokyo, Japan)
Gabriel Frank '10
(São Paulo, Brazil)
Nona Niner '81
(New York, New York)
Joy Lubeck '86
(Phoenix, Arizona)
Tony van der Hoek '89
(Atlanta, Georgia)
Jonathan Lutz '96
(London, United Kingdom)
David Wittenberg '93
(New Delhi, India)

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